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Best 2010 SFD Event Competition Winner

WinnersSoftware Freedom Day 2010 Best Event Competition result announcements: Africa, Asia and Australia under the spotlights!

Hudson, New Hampshire (July 21, 2011) - Software Freedom International is proud to announce the  SFD 2010 best event competition results. Software Freedom Day (SFD) is a worldwide celebration of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) with the goal of educating the public about the existence and the benefits of using FOSS in education, in government, at home and in business.

The SFD Best Event Competition is an international recognition of the efforts made by individual organizing teams in regards to spreading the importance of Software Freedom and reaching out to the relevant groups of people in their area. Each year three teams are chosen and the awards given to those teams are meant to help them further in their tasks for the years to come.

This year, two leading organizations from the Free and Open Source Software movements have joined us to reward those exceptional achievers: the Free Software Foundation, the non-profit organization behind the Free Software movement, and Makerbot, a private company pushing the concept of Free Software to physical media and making an fully open source 3D printer.

Among the 40 submissions we have received the three teams that came out as outstanding organizers and promoters of Software Freedom in 2010 are spread over 3 different continents. We would like to name in no specific order:
  • SFD team Melbourne, Australia
  • SFD team Yaoundé QV, Cameroon team
  • SFD team SPCF-CITE, Angeles City, Philippines

As a side note we are very pleased to see winners from different areas this year, especially Africa and would also like to mention some entries which didn't make it in the top 3 but definitely deserve to be mentioned:
  • CPU & Software Freedom Network team, Manila, Philippines
  • 8layer team, manila, Philippines
  • Limestone Coast GLUG, Mount Gambier, Australia
  • NOSK team, Lalitpur, Nepal

The above teams should be an inspiration to all SFD organizers and help you to prepare for SFD 2011 which will happen on Saturday September 17th this year.

About SFI
Software Freedom International is the non-profit organization at the origin of Software Freedom Day. SFI handles sponsorship contracts, official team registrations, sending out schwags to teams, the annual Best SFD Event Competition and many other things.
For more information please contact:
Frederic Muller
Software Freedom International President
info (at) softwarefreedomday.org
or visit our website at www.softwarefreedomday.org

New SFD logo for 2011!

New Software Freedom Day Logo! 2011 is bringing a lot of changes in SFD and the way we do things. One of the most significant change has been that we are starting to rely on the community at large to get things done (rather than let the SFI board handle all the details). This has resulted in a brand new logo designed by Jeff Lim and his associated company, Maxus Media Singapore. We usually don't plug in companies for which we work for community work, but Maxus Media happens to be a design company, Jeff a professional in his field and you can feel it in this new logo. At SFI Board we are very excited to have a logo clearly identifying Software Freedom Day and making us stand out while keeping our existing design specificities (the sun and the hill). For more background information on the logo itself and how we got there the marketing mailing list thread is a good read. Should you want to download the logo source files our wiki is the place to get them. Jeff and Maxus Media have been kind enough to agree to a free software license with attribution (CC-BY) to SFD so just feel free to share, adapt it to your needs and use it!

As a side note the 2011 wiki is ready to let you create your team page. This year we won't use any continent category and would like to ask everyone to create a dedicated team page under the city the event is happening at, in order to let potential other teams have a link on the city page. Should you have any problem with the wiki page creation you can either email the SFD discuss mailing list or ping us on our IRC channel (#sfd on Freenode.net). Official registration with a marker on our now famous map and the option to get free goodies will open shortly. Stay tuned!

SFD Team leader survey results

The results are out! Thanks to a rather high participation rate (169 respondents) we are now able to rate both SFI performance, get an feel of what you are waiting for and how SFD is perceived in general. We have to apologize for forgetting Africa in the continent list, luckily we did leave an empty field in the event something was forgotten. 4 participants didn't answer the question, so one could assume they were from Africa and didn't find it in the list. Either way it brings the participation of people from the African continent somewhere between 11% to 13% (it's the turquoise colour on the chart).

Apart from this major glitch some of the questions are also hard to read outside of the context of the previous answer. It is often possible to understand but not always, especially since the previous answer can be as different as YES or NO.

You will also notice that there were a lot of open questions which makes the survey harder to process but much more interesting to read and allowed people to express themselves freely on many topics. The content has been published unedited and there is still a lot of work for SFI to group some of the answers and act upon it whenever possible. We feel that it was a very beneficial thing to do and are very happy with all the comments or ideas received. Of course some of those discussions should happen on our mailing list but it's not the case: so better here than nowhere.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and took the time to extend on so many topics, and a special thank to Pockey who lead the project with very little help from the board and put up a great set of questions.

For those who have missed it and still want to say something there is a comment area at the bottom of this post which you can use, or the sfd-discuss mailing list would be another great place to start a discussion.

So please do enjoy the raw survey data below. We did update the report HTML to fit into this layout and allow to view open field entries as well. We hope this will be an enlightening read for you as well.

Where are you from?
Answer Count Percentage
Asia (A1) 54 31.95%  
Middle East (A2) 2 1.18%  
Europe (A3) 35 20.71%  
North America (A4) 19 11.24%  
Central America (A5) 5 2.96%  
South America (A6) 21 12.43%  
Australia / Oceania (A7) 11 6.51%  
Antarctica (A8) 0 0.00%
Africa (A9) 18 10.65%  
No answer 4 2.37%  

Where did you hear about Software Freedom Day?
Answer Count Percentage
Community sites (SQ001) 81 47.93%  
News sites (SQ002) 33 19.53%  
Blogs (SQ003) 31 18.34%  
Online social networks (SQ004) 32 18.93%  
SFD or other FOSS related events (SQ005) 90 53.25%  
Friends (SQ006) 54 31.95%  
TV / Newspapers / Magazines advertising (SQ007) 3 1.78%  
Other browse 18 10.65%  

In which year did you organize Software Freedom Day (SFD) events in the past?
Answer Count Percentage
SFD 2005 (SQ001) 21 12.43%  
SFD 2006 (SQ002) 30 17.75%  
SFD 2007 (SQ003) 53 31.36%  
SFD 2008 (SQ004) 70 41.42%  
SFD 2009 (SQ005) 94 55.62%  
SFD 2010 (SQ006) 127 75.15%  
None of the above (SQ007) 10 5.92%  

What made you organize Software Freedom Day?
Answer browse 147 86.98%  
No answer 22 13.02%  

How many team members involved in organizing your SFD event?
Answer Count Percentage
Less than 5 people (A1) 62 36.69%  
6 to 20 people (A2) 66 39.05%  
21 to 40 people (A3) 17 10.06%  
41 to 60 people (A4) 2 1.18%  
61 to 80 people (A5) 3 1.78%  
81 to 100 people (A6) 3 1.78%  
More than 100 people (A7) 9 5.33%  
No answer 7 4.14%  

What's the content(s) of your SFD 2010 event?
Answer Count Percentage
Presentations (SQ001) 124 73.37%  
Exhibitions (SQ002) 77 45.56%  
Workshops / Trainings (SQ003) 70 41.42%  
Discussion / BOF (SQ004) 62 36.69%  
Installfest (SQ005) 58 34.32%  
Performances (SQ006) 13 7.69%  
Just get together to celebrate (SQ007) 44 26.04%  
Other browse 30 17.75%  

How did you finance your SFD event?
Answer Count Percentage
Companies sponsorship (SQ001) 39 23.08%  
Non-profit organizations or foundations sponsorship (SQ002) 41 24.26%  
Schools, colleges or universities sponsorship (SQ003) 57 33.73%  
Government sponsorship (SQ004) 12 7.10%  
Member / individual donation (SQ005) 81 47.93%  
Other browse 27 15.98%  

Do you have any non-financial support from the following organizations?
Answer Count Percentage
Press / Media (SQ001) 44 26.04%  
Government (SQ002) 19 11.24%  
FOSS communities (SQ003) 77 45.56%  
Companies (SQ004) 25 14.79%  
Schools / colleges / universities (SQ005) 82 48.52%  
Other browse 19 11.24%  

In which year did you register your event at www.softwarefreedomday.org?
Answer Count Percentage
SFD 2005 (SQ001) 15 8.88%  
SFD 2006 (SQ002) 26 15.38%  
SFD 2007 (SQ003) 42 24.85%  
SFD 2008 (SQ004) 53 31.36%  
SFD 2009 (SQ005) 75 44.38%  
SFD 2010 (SQ006) 129 76.33%  
None of the above (SQ007) 6 3.55%  

Field summary for 0010
Can you explain the reason(s) of not registering?
Answer browse 5 83.33%  
No answer 1 16.67%  

How do you feel about the registration process?
Answer Count Percentage
Very easy, I registered my event in no time (A1) 34 21.38%  
Quite easy, I have no problem to spend a few ten minutes to register once a year (A2) 59 37.11%  
I don't have strong positive or negative feelings about it (A3) 35 22.01%  
Not easy, I hope there is way to make it easier for me (A4) 24 15.09%  
Horrible, I couldn't succeed in completing the registration (A5) 2 1.26%  
No answer 5 3.14%  

What made you register your SFD event?
Answer Count Percentage
To be part of Software Freedom Day (SQ001) 145 85.80%  
Let other people find my event (SQ002) 106 62.72%  
Get goodies and cds (SQ003) 83 49.11%  
To be able to join competition later (SQ004) 19 11.24%  
Other browse 10 5.92%  

How often do you visit the softwarefreedomday.org website or its wiki?
Answer Count Percentage
Everyday (A1) 4 2.52%  
Every week (A2) 28 17.61%  
Every month (A3) 36 22.64%  
Bi-monthly (A4) 12 7.55%  
Every quarter (A5) 28 17.61%  
Every year (A6) 39 24.53%  
I never visit it (A7) 9 5.66%  
No answer 3 1.89%  

Answer browse 135 84.91%  
No answer 24 15.09%  

What is the first out of three most important things you would want to get out of the softwarefreedomday.org website and its wiki?
Answer browse 122 76.73%  
No answer 37 23.27%  

What is the second out of three most important things you would want to get out of the softwarefreedomday.org website and its wiki?
Answer browse 109 68.55%  
No answer 50 31.45%  

What is the third out of three most important things you would want to get out of the softwarefreedomday.org website and its wiki?
Answer browse 90 56.60%  
No answer 69 43.40%  

What kind of resources would you wish to have from the Software Freedom International?
Answer browse 112 74.17%  
No answer 39 25.83%  

What kind of goodies do you think it's useful for your Software Freedom Day event?
Answer Count Percentage
Balloons (SQ001) 81 47.93%  
T-shirts (SQ002) 123 72.78%  
Stickers (SQ003) 110 65.09%  
Button badges (SQ004) 75 44.38%  
Posters (SQ005) 100 59.17%  
Open CDs (SQ006) 107 63.31%  
GNU / Linux CDs (SQ007) 119 70.41%  
Other browse 23 13.61%  

Have you ever heard about SFD Best Event Competition?
Answer Count Percentage
Yes (Y) 105 69.54%  
No (N) 44 29.14%  
No answer 2 1.32%  

Where did you hear about the competition?
Answer Count Percentage
SFD-discuss mailing list (SQ001) 42 24.85%  
SFD-announce mailing list (SQ002) 65 38.46%  
Softwarefreedomday.org website (SQ003) 72 42.60%  
Other community sites (SQ004) 12 7.10%  
News sites (SQ005) 6 3.55%  
Blogs (SQ006) 10 5.92%  
Online social networks (SQ007) 7 4.14%  
Friends (SQ008) 13 7.69%  
TV / Newspapers / Magazines advertising (SQ009) 2 1.18%  
Other browse 6 3.55%  

What do you think about the competition?
Answer browse 102 67.55%  
No answer 49 32.45%  

What kind of prizes do you recommend for the competition?
Answer browse 98 64.90%  
No answer 53 35.10%  

How likely would you organize the Software Freedom Day 2011?
Answer Count Percentage
Definitely (A1) 77 52.38%  
Very likely (A2) 45 30.61%  
Somewhat likely (A3) 17 11.56%  
Unlikely (A4) 6 4.08%  
Definitely not (A5) 1 0.68%  
No answer 1 0.68%  

Answer browse 129 87.76%  
No answer 18 12.24%  

Are you willing to contribute to the Software Freedom Day on a global level?
Answer Count Percentage
Definitely (A1) 49 33.33%  
Very likely (A2) 25 17.01%  
Somewhat likely (A3) 35 23.81%  
Unlikely (A4) 29 19.73%  
Definitely not (A5) 4 2.72%  
No answer 5 3.40%  

Which area do you want to contribute?
Website / wiki content generation (please specify the language) browse 60 35.50%  
Website / wiki content localization (please specify the language) browse 51 30.18%  
Graphic design (please specify what kinds of graphics do you have in mind) browse 18 10.65%  
Marketing / promotion / public relation (please specify the region) browse 48 28.40%  
To join the PlanetSFD (please specify your blog url) browse 29 17.16%  
Sponsorship (please specify your company name) browse 4 2.37%  
Others (please specify:) browse 8 4.73%  

Please let us know your email address so we can contact you later for your kind contribution.
Answered 120 81.63%  
No answer 27 18.37%  

Will you encourage other people to organize Software Freedom Day?
Answer Count Percentage
Definitely (A1) 87 59.18%  
Very likely (A2) 38 25.85%  
Somewhat likely (A3) 16 10.88%  
Unlikely (A4) 3 2.04%  
Definitely not (A5) 0 0.00%
No answer 3 2.04%  

Answer browse 110 74.83%  
No answer 37 25.17%  

How often do you think Software Freedom Day should be hosted?
Answer Count Percentage
Once a year (A1) 107 72.79%  
Twice a year (A2) 27 18.37%  
Quarterly (A3) 3 2.04%  
Bi-monthly (A4) 0 0.00%
Monthly (A5) 1 0.68%  
Bi-weekly (A6) 3 2.04%  
Weekly (A7) 1 0.68%  
No answer 5 3.40%  

What do you like / dislike about organizing Software Freedom Day in general?
Answer browse 93 63.27%  
No answer 54 36.73%  

Any other advice, wisdom, rants or raves to share with us as we ponder our planning on the global Software Freedom Day 2011?
Answer browse 85 57.82%  
No answer 62 42.18%  

Welcome to 2011

First of all we would like to send everyone our best wishes for 2011 and a lot of victories on the software freedom fronts. A new year is starting and we will slowly but surely get up to speed with the SFD 2011 preparations. This year SFD is happening on Saturday 17th September and hopefully we'll avoid the mistakes of last year. In no specific order we would also like to update everyone on a few topics so check the unordered list below:
  • SFD Best Event competition 2009: we are purchasing and producing the prizes, except some news next month
  • SFD Best Event competition 2010: we are still rating the submissions and targeting an announcement at the end of the month
  • SFD Team Leaders Survey: the survey will stop at the end of this week and we will publish gather data within 10 days
  • 2011 SFI board: SFI board has been reduced to 5 directors and the running of our operations will gradually shift within the community. The board will continue to handle sponsorship and legal matters, as well as strategic directions
  • Marketing committee activities: quite some discussions and we have started to work on site localization with a Spanish and Portuguese planet. There is still some work left (like finding out how to translate dates in TMPL scripts and finishing the Spanish version).
2011 will also see a new SFD logo (still working on font licenses) and the sharing of some ideas which we hope will benefit all teams. So keep reading our blog and find out more very soon!

Submission deadline extension and survey

Team Leader Survey!Due to several requests we have extended the competition submission deadline to November 7th, 2010. Please do read the rules as it is important that your report takes into consideration the various key elements we're after. The report submission form is available at http://cgi.softwarefreedomday.org/event_report.html and please do email us (info@) if you can't remember which email address you used to register. It seems our contact form has some issues and we're working on fixing them.

Another very important point is that we are reaching out to SFD team leaders and would like to gather as much feedback as possible to improve our support. Whether you have organized an SFD event in 2010 or the years before, with or without registering, we need your participation. There are 31 questions and it should take you about 5-8 minutes. We're really hoping to learn a lot from this and therefore count on you. The survey is accessible here and powered by LimeSurvey. We'll keep it running probably until around end of the year and publish the results afterwards, so please let your team leaders know about it.

Event reporting form online!

2010 prizesWe've finally opened up the form for registered teams to submit their event report and get a chance to be acknowledged as a major performer in the Software Freedom scene as well as win a Free and Open Source 3D printer, the Makerbot itself, and Richard Stallman signed essaies.
So while you're at it remember to emphasise on the following points:
  • Extensive description of the event and how innovative you've been
  • Photos, videos, visitors blogs
  • Scanned newspaper reports or web links
  • How your event was expressing the ideas of the free software movement
  • How you reached the non-FOSS community
An another recommendation is to look at previous years winners and match some of the quality in reporting they have demonstrated. This year submissions that link to sites requiring judges to register to access the report or part of it will be discarded.

Submission deadline is October 31st 1200UTC and winning teams will hopefully be announcement somewhere around mid December the latest. And of course the submission link itself is at http://cgi.softwarefreedomday.org/event_report.html. Good luck to all!

Sintel movie available for download!

Sintel, the movie!The latest Blender movie, Sintel has been made available for download as promised on Thursday October 30th. So for those of you still preparing for their SFD event (yes some are) this is a light and entertaining way to demonstrate the qualities and the diversity of Free Software.

While technical talks might bore your audience what could be better than a 15 minutes colourful movie to captivate your audience followed by an explanation of all the blender "sub-projects" such as Durian and Blender itself, but also Elephant Dreams (2005) and Big Buck Bunny (2007).

Emphasising on the tools used (all Free and Open Source Software), the licenses and how this project in particular has been thriving over the years will definitely make your visitors have a different perspective on how Software Freedom can empower some individuals or groups of individuals. http://durian.blender.org has all the explanations to write a great 15-20 minutes explanation (or more), lots of graphics, the source files and short interviews.

So thank you to the Blender foundation for a continuous great body of work and good luck with the last SFDs coming up!

Happy tagging!

Happy TaggingAs most of you should have been through their own SFD event it is now time to talk about it (if you haven't done so yet) and prepare your report for the 2010 Best Event Competition. This year we have two very valuable gift to offer, a 3D Open Source printer, thanks to MakerBot Industries, and a signed copy of "Free Software Free Society: selected essays by Richard M. Stallman" thanks to Mr. Richard Stallman himself!

As mentioned in the SFD StartGuide the recommended tag for SFD blogs and photos is #softwarefreedomday, though some of you have used SFD or SFD2010 (and previous years). So in order to keep up easily with what's happening we have set up a new section linking to all your bloggings about Software Freedom Day, as well as flickr streams using different search tags to match the topic of the page while adding colourful SFD visual memories.

In fact this new section should probably be what our SFD Planet intended to be. In order to differentiate both and keep the Planet alive we have decided to make a few changes and clean it up. The new Planet rules are as follows:

New SFD Planet Rules
  • Feed owner is member of the board or leading a team for THIS year
  • Feed should be a blog and not Microblogging source (no identi.ca , twitter etc.)
  • Feed should have posts at least in the last 12 months
  • Feed should be centered about Free Software advocacy in general and more specially SFD
So in short we really want to hear about what you're doing for Software Freedom, or what Software Freedom is doing to you. Your life besides SFD is of course important too (I just made a pie this morning...) but shouldn't be about promoting some proprietary stuff that we're not interested in. We have two options to solve this issue: either your blog matches exactly what we expect and we'll happily add it, or sometimes you do blog about "other stuff" that you like and we don't, and therefore just create a SFD category and give us the feed to that category.
We've also noticed some non-English blogs in the planet and have been thinking of making language specific aggregations. We already have a strong Spanish community for example and having a Spanish Planet would make sense. Other languages are welcome too of course, but we need more than 4 blogs to start a specific Planet.

We hope these new measures will make the overall content on SFD website more attractive and stimulating. Please send us your new feeds on the discussion mailing list with a hackergotchi or a photo of yourself (we'll happily Gimp you!).

6 years of SFD maps

...or maybe I should have titled the post "the seven year itch". Indeed this is the seventh year into Software Freedom Day's relationship with its community, the people who actually make it happen, and there's been a sharp decline in participation this year.

Yes, the registration period is not over and we can hope for a few more events, maybe 10 at most, but it won't make up for the 800 teams or so we had last year. As we have worked towards separating the "fixed wiki content" from the "team wiki content" and moved it to a CMS, it has also allowed us to standardize our Interactive Team Maps since the first year of SFD maps (2005). Here is a small animation of what the evolution looks like:

SFD Registrations MAP since 2005


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Celebrate SFD!

  • Step 1: Write Saturday 17 Sept. 2011 on your calendar
  • Step 2: Check out the interactive map to see if there's a team in your area
  • Step 2a: If there isn't a team, make your own
  • Step 3: Get out on the streets and celebrate software freedom!

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Digital Freedom International (Aka SFI) is the non-profit organization at the origin of SFD and CFD. DFI handles sponsorship contracts, official team registrations, sending out schwags to teams, the annual Best Event Competition and many other things. Hundreds of teams around the world manage the local celebration and help to send out a global message. So do drop by and attend an SFD and CFD event nearby!

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